Schedule professional sewer repair or replacement services in Columbia, MO

A broken or damaged sewer line is no laughing matter. Northwest Plumbing Inc. offers fast sewer repair and replacement services in Columbia, MO. We'll dig up your broken sewer line and repair it right away. If it's beyond repair, we'll replace it with a brand-new line. We also offer water line repair services.

Call us today to get a free estimate. We serve Columbia, MO and the Boone County area.

3 signs of sewer line damage

Make an appointment for sewer repair or replacement today if you notice any of these three signs of sewer line damage:

  1. The water levels in your toilets are always fluctuating.
  2. The water in your tub, toilet or sink takes a long time to drain.
  3. The ground outside of your home smells.

Often, homeowners notice these signs but don't think anything is wrong. A small issue can quickly become a huge problem. If your water isn't draining, your sewer line could get backed up in your home. That's not a pretty picture. Call Northwest Plumbing ASAP if you need a sewer repair or replacement in Columbia, MO.