We offer gas pipe installation services in Columbia, MO

If you want to install a gas fireplace or stove in your home, contact Northwest Plumbing Inc. We offer gas pipe installation services in Columbia, MO and the surrounding areas. With gas pipes, you can hook up appliances that use natural gas, such as stoves, fireplaces and dryers. Let us help you create your dream home, or just finish up your current project.

Call us today to make an appointment for gas pipe installation. We serve the Columbia, MO and Boone County areas.

3 benefits of gas pipes in your home

Installing natural gas piping in your home has many advantages. Call Northwest Plumbing today if you want to enjoy these three benefits of gas pipe installation:

  1. Gas stoves are perfect for anyone who loves to cook. Your food will taste better and cook more evenly.
  2. Gas fireplaces add a classic touch to any home.
  3. Gas dryers are energy-efficient, and your clothes will dry quickly.

Contact Northwest Plumbing to learn more about the benefits of natural gas pipes in your home. We'll gladly give you a free estimate on your gas pipe installation in the Columbia, MO area.